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Custom written content for your website

Every web design company who knows their business will tell you that if you want to appear on the first page of Google’s organic search results you must spend lots of time and effort creating fresh, new and original content for your website on a regular basis.

Content is King

Updating your website with fresh new content regularly will help you in the following ways:

1. The more quality content you have and the more relevant the short tail keywords and phrases (long tail keywords) are, the more likely that Google and other search engines will read it, index it and add it to their database, thus increasing your sites keyword density and page rank.

2. Google and other search engines thrive on content, especially it is fresh, original and relevant to your market and website.

3. Quality content can also attract backlinks and Google loves backlinks. This will add to your sites reputation and popularity and again will help your website rank higher.

Web pages that have very little new or original content will suffer when it comes to being ranked by search engines and will often be relegated to supplementary results. You would be incredibly lucky if your site shows up in the first 10 pages of search results which is no good at all. When searching for something on Google, most people will only look at the first page of results, occasionally they may click to the next page or two but very rarely do people click any further than page three of the search results. It is therefore imperative that you get your website listed on the second or third page of Google’s organic search results at the very least, but obviously much better if you can get listed on page one.

If you want to improve your ranking and position you must be prepared to commit to the creation of carefully worded uniquely written content.

Can’t I Just Write my Own Content?

Content writing for the web is a specific skill and is not the same as general writing. It should therefore be carried out by a trained web content writer.

Obviously you will know and understand your business much better than we do but sometimes conveying what you want to say about your business can often be a difficult task. One of the main problems with creating web content is the time it takes to research about the topic and the keywords that potential visitors are searching for and constructing the page appropriately.

At Attollo Solutions we fully appreciate the need for good content writers who are trained and self motivated who are capable of performing this vital service. We use skilled in-house content writers and have access to freelance writers if we have excessive demand.


SEO Article

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Authority Article

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