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localLocalised searches have become increasingly popular across all of the major search engines recently. As you may know, Google, Bing and Yahoo have added an area for local search results  just above their organic search results.

Over 20% of all current searches are now based on location. This percentage is expected to rise significantly in the future, making local search marketing more valuable than ever.

Just as the search engines use an algorithm for global organic results, they also use  an additional algorithm for their local search results. I, for example somebody located in Manchester, is searching for a “florist”, only florists who are located in Manchester will show up in their local search results.

Unfortunately, if your company fails to appear in the local search results, it will continually be overlooked by a local market that needs what you offer, and is eager to give you it’s business. This is why your business desperately needs to take advantage of local search marketing.

The question you should be asking is

[quote style=”boxed”]does my company shows up in those local results?[/quote]

The Importance of Local Search Marketing

When a customer or client does a local search, they know exactly what they need, and who they are trying to find. This is great because when a local client finds your company in the search engines, there is a very high likelihood that they will contact you.

Utilising SEO and Long Tail Keywords, we can take advantage of these local searches for our local search marketing strategy. The effect of our unique strategy is to provide your company with multiple first page listing in the search engines for each targeted local keyword.

This will result in unbelievable local exposure for your company, which will lead to more conversions.

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