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The Importance of Website Content

Why is web content so important?

Content engages your readers

It attracts their attention and builds their interest in your company. Give people useful, interesting information that helps them solve their problems and they’ll be more likely to deal with you.

Content pulls your knowledge together and makes it accessible to your customers

Every business or website owner carries a wealth of information in their heads: but often that’s were it stays and they only share it with people they talk to. Taking your knowledge, turning it into web content and publishing it makes it tangible and available to your prospects. An article or tip that you publish on the web can be the start of a conversation with someone who will buy from your company.

Content attracts search engines

Publish regularly and you’ll ‘teach’ the search engine spiders that there’s always something new on your site. As a result, they’ll visit more often and you’ll find your rankings start to outstrip your competitors’.

Content brings you inbound links

Write something new or useful or witty or controversial and you’ll find that people start writing about you and linking to your articles. You get extra links that bring new traffic when people click, as well as boosting your search rankings.

Content creates a buzz in social media

Have a look at Twitter for example – many of the posts people make link to content they’ve found on the web. By publishing regularly, you’ll build your profile and your reputation in your industry.

Content is an investment in your site that keeps on bringing visitors month after month and year after year

It is just amazing to see content that is several years old still bring visitors to your site.

Hopefully you can now see the importance of website content.

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