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Online customers demand regular, new content for their consumption.

An unchanging website can quickly become an un-visited website. With the internet, as with any sort of business, it is easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than find new ones.

Whilst you might employ a staff member to perform essential site updates it might, after consideration for salaries and the steep training need, prove not to be cost effective. It is also a harsh fact that the inexperience would provide little remedy in the event of mistakes, problems or the overall effect to the site by poorly optimised uploads.

Our website maintenance packages allow you to simply email the updated information to us (be it text, images or more) and we will upload it, quickly, with an experienced eye to the overall effect on your site.

By ensuring that any updates required are built, tested and published in a professional manner we will protect your investment.

Maintenance Costs

You can view our monthly maintenance package cost schedule below.


  • Hours Per Month
  • 5
  • Response Time (Hours)
  • 6
  • On Site Hours for Photo / Video
  • 0
  • On-Site SEO
  • Yes
  • Manual Backup
  • Monthly


  • Hours Per Month
  • 12
  • Response Time (Hours)
  • 3
  • On Site Hours for Photo / Video
  • 2
  • On-Site SEO
  • Yes
  • Manual Backup
  • Fortnightly


  • Hours Per Month
  • 20
  • Response Time (Hours)
  • 1
  • On Site Hours for Photo / Video
  • 4
  • On-Site SEO
  • Yes
  • Manual Backup
  • Weekly

What is Included?

We’re often asked what is included in our packages and what we class as a website update. An update is anything that’s changed on a single web page. Your chosen package will include up to 5 hours per week which can be spent on any of the following (but not restricted to) updates.

  • New Blog Posts
  • Add New Pages
  • Add New Menu Items and Navigation
  • Manage Events and Calendar
  • Announcements and Broadcasts
  • Add/Edit or Remove Images
  • Resize / Crop Images
  • Add / Edit/ Remove Videos
  • Add / Edit / Remove PDF Files
  • Change Fonts / Colours / Layout on existing pages
  • Add / Replace / Change Logos
  • Update / Change Contact Information
  • Rename / Optimise Files for Search Engines
  • Update / Edit Meta data for Search Engines
  • Generate XML Sitemap
  • Update Inventory / Pricing for eCommerce where applicable
  • Add posts, images or comments to social network sites
  • Provide Monthly website traffic reports