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How Much Should a Website Cost?

This is obviously the most important detail when looking to have a new website created but not one that can be easily answered. There are so many variables involved during the creation of a bespoke website that it would be crazy to publish prices without us fully understanding the project.

These days there are so many options available to people who are looking to have a website created, from DIY website creators such as Wix, SiteBuilder and SquareSpace and even web hosting companies such as GoDaddy are offering build your own website facilities.

Then you have cheap web design companies offering website for £99 or sometimes even cheaper and at the opposite end of the spectrum you web design agencies.

Then there are companies like Attollo Solutions, small independent companies with a small team and little overheads.

But which is best? Well I am sure it will come as no surprise to you for us to tell you it is the smaller, independent companies that provide the best value for money, but then we would say that wouldn’t we? But rather than just saying it, we will state our case for saying it.

DIY Website Builders

I am sure you have seen the adverts on television or in your Facebook feed telling you how easy it is to build a professional website for your company with just a few clicks of the mouse. These adverts make it seem like its just a case of clicking a few buttons, adding a bit of text and uploading a couple of images and there you have it, a top class website.

But, believe us when we tell you, it really isn’t that straightforward and you can expect to spend a number of days creating your site and even then, there is no guarantee that it will look very good, especially if you are new to using such technology.

But aren’t DIY Websites FREE and worth the effort?

DIY websites aren’t free; there is usually a monthly fee and this will often be more expensive than a normal hosting company would charge you. Not only that but you will have incurred costs for your time, messing about trying to create the site,  multiply these hours by your usual hourly rate and you might be surprised at the total cost. More often than not our Start Up Package will work out cheaper and save you the hassle.

That being said, DIY websites may well be a good option if you are comfortable with modern technology and have very little money to invest.  It would definitely be worth learning a bit about search engine optimisation before you start. Also having a familiarity with how to crop, manipulate and re-size images would also be a great benefit.

£99 Website Designers

The £99 website designers are probably even worse than the build it yourself DIY website builders we talked about above. These designers are usually based in developing countries and claim to be able to build you a high quality website with up to 10 pages or more all for £99, sometimes even less. How can you create a high quality, functional website for £99? The short answer is, you can’t………….the long answer……….

Generally the people who create these websites are low skilled and often very difficult to work with. Being overseas makes communication difficult and means it is usually conducted at odd hours, not only that but when you do manage to speak with somebody, there is usually a huge language barrier.

Quite often these developers will start a job and never quite finish it, more often than not, you will usually get what you are given with no opportunity to make changes and amendments.

If the £99 website company you use is based in the United Kingdom, don’t for one second think that this will make things more credible. Usually these companies are the middle-men between you and the aforementioned overseas developers, which means you are not even paying £99 for a website, as a good 50% of this will be going to the UK based company and the rest going to the developer.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Design Agencies

At the other end of the scale from the £99 designers, you have the design agencies. These agencies will quite often build their websites on the same technologies as we do, why? because they are the most robust, tried, tested and the most flexible frameworks out there. The difference is, they will usually charge huge premiums for developing your website, maybe £8,000 and upward for a corporate website.

These companies are usually run by a number of directors, they will have a marketing team, a sales team and a dedicated design team, comprising developers, graphic designers and many more staff, who all need to be paid.  Agencies will also usually operate from a nice purpose built office space with larger overheads, including the swanky cars driven by the directors, somebody has to pay for these things and that somebody is you.

Will your website be that much better than one designed by us? Well there is no saying, you will certainly get a well built, professional looking website of that you can be certain, whether it will be worth the money you pay for it, only you can decide, but just be mindful that a large percentage of the money you pay will also be contributing to the agency to keep up their image and prestige.

Independent Web Designers

There are many independent web designers out there, some good, some not so good. These companies are usually owned and operated by one to four people.

More often than not these smaller companies have a real passion for their work and have a genuine love and interest in what they do, put simply, its not just a job. You will find it much easier to communicate with these companies than the agencies and the £99 overseas developers.

Like all other types of companies, the work these smaller companies provide can be very, very good or, very, very bad,  so you should be very careful about who you choose.

Looking at examples of previous work, checking reviews and testimonials and speaking to the designer in person will all go a long way to help you decide whether a company is right for you.

So How Much Does a Website Cost with Attollo Solutions?

At Attollo Solutions, all of our websites are bespoke to you, the customer. Therefore our website prices are also tailored to your requirements. We can be very flexible on our prices dependent upon your requirements so drop us a line today or click the request quote button to get started.

We do offer special packages for small start up business, this is basically a low cost 5 page website plus blog built using the WordPress CMS platform.

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